Grow more and live better


CUDO is a well-designed hydroponics kit for home gardening, and

it allows you to plant and create your own farm at home in an easy and simple way.




Keep in simple

Choose seeds,
Plant the seeds,
Just wait and watch them grow.

Be more stylish

For home decorations,
For gifts to someone you adore,
Even for you to have a unique hobby.

Connect to one another

Grow together,
Share together,
Build our own CUDO community garden.

How to use CUDO

It’s not difficult to start your very first hydroponics experience with CUDO!



1. Fill in the water until the top of the handle.

2. Put some liquid fertillzer into the water.

3. Let plugs/sponges absorb the water enough.

4. Put the wet plugs on the pots of the upper tray.

5.Plant 2-3 seeds into each hole of plugs.

6. Place CUDO near the window or the balcony where the sunlight reach out.

If you have any question with CUDO, feel free to contact us!