Rooting, Sprouting! Your kids will like this :)Fully grown in CUDO. Herbs, Lettuce, Celery etc.Sow seeds in plugs of CUDO!1. Fill the water until the level of this.2. Make plugs wet enough in the water3. Pour nutrient solution in the water.4. Put those wet plugs in the pots of the upper tray.5. Sow seeds you like in the middle of plugs.6. Place CUDO under strong sunlight in your home.You can spread beans etc. for micro-green.

CUDO_Hydroponic Kit

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Your first hydroponic experience with CUDO.

Grow more and live better.


Product Description

  • Brand: CUDO from MIRAKHL.Co.,Ltd.
  • Size: 9.85″ x 9.85″ x 5″ / 25cm x 25cm x 12.5cm
  • Weight: 4.18lbs / 1.9kg
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Components: Hydroponics apparatus, Sponges(25pcs), Measuring cup, Middle plate
  • Wire path: For more effective watering, the water pump wire path was designed to not to intrude with the overall design of CUDO.
  • Watering management: Refill the water every 1-2 weeks and put the liquid fertilizer when the water has changed.
  • Use of sponges: It has to be disposable once you use it and can be purchased refills from the website.
  • Sunlight: Place CUDO at home where the sunlight can be reached. (Tips: Temperature of household: 20-25 Celsius / over 8 hours under the sunlight)

Additional Information

Weight 1.9 kg


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